Help and FAQ

Help and FAQ

1. About is - is a global freelancing platform where freelancers, clients and professionals connect remotely.

2. How can I register on - It's very easy to register on * First press on Sign Up button. * Complete the information asked on the Sign Up page * Then click on Sign up again to complete the registration process.

3. How can I Login to - You can easily login to If you are a registered user you will be asked to insert email and password you provided during registration process. * First press login button. * Then insert email address and password * Then click login again.

4. How can a freelancer use - is a great platform for freelancer to show their talent to the whole world. A freelancer can find millions of works with one click and can find their desired job according to their skills easily.

5. How can an employer use - is a great platform for a client who wants to complete their work with skilled freelancer. You can find million of freelancers on

6. How can I edit my profile? - You can easily edit your profile on The steps are * First login to your account * Then click on your thumbnail profile picture on where you should click on the edit profile button. * Then edit your information you want. * After editing your information click on update button to complete editing process.

7. How can I post a project? - To post a project follow the following steps * First login to your account * Then click on post jobs on the upper part of the dashboard * After that you will get a page where instructions are given and click on post new jobs. * Then you will have to input the project details. * Then click on the post project button again to complete the process.

8. How can I search new jobs? - To search new jobs just click on the search now button. You can use category to search jobs according to their category.

9. How can I send message to a client? - If any freelancer is hired by the employer then message option will be activated between the freelancer and employer. To send message just input your text on enter message option. You can also upload any file you want to send.

10. How can I see my proposal? - You can easily see your proposal or proposed projects. *First login to your account * After that click on Jobs and Balance dropdown menu and select My Proposals * Then you can easily see your proposed projects.

11. What is balance history? - Balance history is the history of your balance deposited in your account.

12. How can I see my balance history? - To see the balance history you need to follow the steps * First login to your account * After that click on the jobs and balances on the top of the homepage * Then select balance history to see your balance.

13. How can I request for my payment? - You can easily request payment through the following steps *First login to your account * Then click on your thumbnail profile picture on where you should click on the "Payment Request" * After clicking on the "Payment Request" you will see a page for request of payment. * There you will have to click on the "Request for payments" * We are processing payment issues with more secure.

14. How can I verify my email address? - You can easily verify your email address by following steps * In your profile page you will find "Verify Email Address" * Click on the " Verify Email Address" * After clicking a email will be sent on your email address. * You will have to just click on the link and it will be verified automatically.

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